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Retreats – A Chance to Renew, Recharge and Reflect

Categories: Strategy & Advisory
3 April 2018

Life is hectic these days. Balancing our various responsibilities becomes an increasingly complex juggle. Maintaining the balance of effectiveness and wellbeing can be challenging.

A retreat is a tactical withdrawal to renew, recharge and reflect. It’s different from a holiday purely for relaxation. Leaders use retreats for many reasons. Some are starting new teams or business ventures, and want to clearly set their intention for the new venture. Others are facing large personal or business decisions, and value the time and space to give them due consideration. Perhaps they are changing focus or winding down, and seek clarity and a new focus.

A retreat is also an opportunity to escape the constant flow of email, people and decisions, to take a break from the pressures of leadership and recharge. You come back with greater clarity, presence and focus.

You can create your own retreat by finding a quiet location and disconnecting from email and phone for a while. Go with a specific intention and spend the time focussed on that.

Or you may prefer to let someone else organise it for you.

Mike House is both a client of and a provider to Kensington Partners and a leading survival specialist who works with teams to deal with pressure and shift ineffective thinking. He offers retreats from 2 to 7 days duration. Retreat locations range from bush settings near Perth, to deep in the outback. And don’t be put off by Mikes’s survivalist title. His retreats are designed to keep you comfortable and well fed.

Find out more about Mike’s retreats at

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