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Looking Beyond the Numbers

22 May 2020

The case to be a new world leader has never been more evident in these recent times.

In the past two months, it has become more obvious than ever before that we find that the leader of a business has a significant impact on how that business performs. The recent events with employees not feeling secure about their roles, wages, and future, has required leaders of business to stand up and tell a story.

The Federal and State Governments have made significant efforts to assist business and whilst on the face value some employees may see this as free money to a business, it doesn’t always translate to a positive cash flow or even a break-even result.

At Kensingtons, we have worked closely with many of our clients, looking well beyond the numbers and assisting in areas where mindset has a massive impact on the journey through this period. Sometimes just the clarity of exploring what may be possible and utilising the available grants and stimulus packages in various ways will stand some of our clients in a better position than pre-COVID.

As restrictions begin to lift, the reality of life post-COVID19 will continue to have consequences for businesses, economies, and societies worldwide.

With these ongoing disruptions, the way we conduct our business operations will demand a new set of leadership skills to prepare for what is still to come.

In any time of uncertainty, leaders are required to rise, not react to threats, and not buy in to the fear and uncertainty. The best leaders are guided and in turn guide their team with a vision through the challenges.

If you’re responsible for a team, business and clients, it’s important to consider the following:

Be flexible

With things changing on a daily basis, leaders are flexible, adaptive and willing to make quick and sometimes difficult choices.

This flexibility needs to come with empathy and compassion. Relaxing policies for staff if required will install confidence and loyalty that you are here to help them if any personal issues caused by COVID arise.

Be prepared

It’s important to ensure that people feel physically and mentally safe with clear protocols and instructions. Asking ourselves what else needs to happen for people to feel safe, certain, informed and engaged ensures we are one step ahead and allows us to learn and pivot with any changes.

We need to also take the time to check in with ourselves first, so we are prepared and focused. It starts with us.

Develop a strategy

Build a clear plan for your business, for the short and longer term. Although things are constantly changing, by remaining focusing on a game plan allows us to lead a new way of working with a step by step plan for people to follow.

Spend some time envisioning your future, creating scenario A, B or C planning and walk back from this future vision to the present. The winners here are the leaders who embrace this long view and anticipate new business models that can emerge post COVID.

Rally the team

You are not in this alone so make sure you leverage your team and their skill sets – we all have something to offer when creating plans and contingencies. Communication is key here. Being realistic but positive ensures your leadership comes with credibility and optimism.

We may not have all the answers, but above all leading from a place of compassion, confidence and a vision will ensure you and your team’s confidence to keep safe, work together and keep the focus on moving forward. The ones who rise and embrace these changes will thrive in the new upcoming post pandemic environment.

Here at Kensingtons, we partner with our clients to address their challenging circumstances during this time. If you would like assistance regarding leadership during the Coronavirus crisis for your business, call our office on 9427 1700.

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