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JobKeeker Payments – Information For Employers

Categories: Finance
1 April 2020

This is a short note to advise we are very aware of the announcements made today towards the business wage subsidy referred to as the Jobkeeper Payment. We have received an enormous volume of requests for information today regarding this announcement.

Kensington Partners aims to provide you with the comfort that we absolutely understand the urgency of this and the positive impact this will have on your business so we will be prioritising the flow of relevant information to you when it is made available but until we have the details made available by the government, we cannot advise you directly on the practical steps required to take full advantage of this.

In the meantime, we attach what information has been made available on the proposed Jobkeeper payment package. Please note this information is not law until it has passed through the parliamentary process which we expect to happen quickly. Once it is law, we can speak to you about the practical steps required to take advantage of this package. 

Fact Sheet – Jobkeeper Payment


As always, we are here to help you. We will be continuing to contact our clients to check in to make sure you have things under control.

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