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Creating a Crisis Management Plan

1 April 2020

The past few weeks have been full of challenges for us all. To date, our interactions with many of our clients indicate a mixture of outcomes. Some unfortunately have been forced into immediate shutdown whilst others have only been impacted slightly by these horrible events.

The economic impact has happened very fast and the need to move to stabilise your business has become an absolute priority. Stepping through a Crisis Management Plan is all part of you being affirmative and taking the necessary steps to safeguard your position.

Your employees, suppliers and clients need to hear from you to ensure they know you are taking the necessary steps and actions to address this new economic reality. The sooner they hear from you, the more engaged they will be and the better your chances are in coming out of this with your business intact and able to kick off normal operations again.


What Steps can you Take?


First Step:

You will be aware from many media sources and our communications over the past few weeks of the various Federal and State Government announcements. These are the “easy” wins for you to get the facts on and secure the immediate tax incentives and assistance measures that are available to you. We are assisting many of our clients to understand what is in it for them. If you don’t know, you need to know so please contact us and we can assist you.


Second Step:

There are critical areas you can review across the business to minimise the risks and attempt to reduce the financial impact. Attached is a checklist to assist you in steering your business through this next period of time.


Crisis Management Plan

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