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Clients of the Month – Paul and Vanessa Jean Boscarello Ovens

Categories: Staff Spotlight
10 July 2018

Its only a minute into a conversation with Paul Ovens when his passion for helping change people’s lives shines through. Paul and his wife Vanessa run an incredibly successful essential oil distribution business through doTerra.

Paul and Vanessa started in the business in early 2014 and the growth of their business has been exponential since then.

Earlier in his career, Paul had successfully built up and sold a training company for commission sales people.  Vanessa was a long time advocate of the positive impact of food as medicine and of the ability of essential oils in returning the body to a state of equilibrium and health. Vanessa was teaching essential oil workshops and it grew from there.

“Vanessa asked me to help write and execute a training program to help people sell the product and it went from there” said Paul. “I’d become disillusioned with the traditional business model where the business owner bears much of the risk and the weight of responsibility so the doTerra model really appealed. doTerra is a strong and stable company and the product is of the highest quality.  It’s amazing to see people who have given up on modern medicine using the oils to get their bodies back in balance and return to health sustainably.”

The business now has 60,000 customers worldwide and Paul and Vanessa are helping their team grow significant passive income streams and freeing them from their traditional jobs.  A typical week will see them coaching and developing their team face to face or via webinars and they are also regularly sought out to speak at training events and conferences.

Paul and Vanessa are also passionate about giving back to the community and are strong supporters of doTerra’s  Co-impact Sourcing which aims to responsibly source the oil products whilst helping the communities that are growing the plants the oils are sourced from out of poverty.

Kensington Partners play an important part in helping Paul and Vanessa plan for the future and manage their wealth. “Wayne and the team have been invaluable in providing sound advice around structuring, planning and  investing in a way that matches our risk profile” said Paul.

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