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Client of the Month – Barclays Building Services

Categories: Staff Spotlight
4 April 2018

Barclays Building Services (Barclays) is a construction business specialising in domestic and commercial insurance related work.

Based in Gnangara and with a team of 33 servicing the whole of WA, the business was founded over 30 years ago by Bill and Michele Barclay, it is now led by their son Leigh and  General Manager Farhan Kerbelker.

Leigh & Farhan are confident Barclays are different to other companies in their field “Our people, our values, our culture and our passion to improve the quality of the services we provide to our customers and the insured prove this.”

Barclays first engaged with Kensington Partners in 2015 and we are working with them to manage all their business, family and investment affairs.

Since joining as clients, the Barclays have fully embraced Kensington Partners as their trusted advisor and, in addition to our tax compliance services, are taking advantage of the following additional services:

  • Advisory Board
  • Business Strategy Development
  • Business Growth Group
  • Wealth Creation

According to Leigh;

Wayne, Will, Luke, Gregg and the team at Kensington Partners are more than just our tax accountants and financial planners, they are our key strategic advisers from a business and personal perspective and we trust their advice implicitly to help us achieve our goals.”

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