We’re passionate about understanding our client’s “Why” – what gets them up and out of bed every day. Our Strategy and Advisory service supports, coaches and mentors our clients to help them achieve their why, regardless of the stage in the business life cycle their business is at.  

Business Start Up

We provide a comprehensive business start up service. We can assist in:

  • Developing the business model
  • Devising and establishing the appropriate structures for tax and legal purposes
  • Helping build your business plan
  • Creating financial forecasts
  • Assisting clients to access the right financing 
  • Helping develop sales and marketing plans.
Business Strategy

We find most of our clients are trying to create more Time, Control and Choice for them and their families.

Our simple, structured process helps them work out

  • Where they are NOW
  • WHERE they want to get to
  • HOW to get there
Business Advisory

Whatever stage your business is at, we provide all the support you need, including

  • Real time business financial monitoring
  • Detailed management reporting, financial statements and board packs
  • Cash flow planning and management (short term (90 day) cash flow forecasts and detailed three way forecasts)
  • Strategic Advisory board leadership and participation
  • Operational review meetings
Succession Planning

Is it time to start to plan for you not to be as hands on in your business?

Our advisers have over 100 years combined experience in business and have helped many of our clients successfully transition out of their businesses. Whether it’s selling your business, getting your business running under management or you just stepping back for a few days a week, we can support you and help structure your affairs so you can achieve your goals.

Coaching & Mentoring

Our executive team have all owned and run their own businesses and understand the issues business owners like you face. As your trusted advisers, we are perfectly positioned to provide the coaching and mentoring you need to help your business grow.

Business Growth Group

Sometimes it’s lonely running your own business. Wouldn’t it be great to have access to a dozen other likeminded business owners to act as your personal advisory board to advise you on how to resolve issues in your business? Combine that with a monthly workshop where you get access to local experts in every field of business and then a monthly coaching session with one of our experienced mentors – that’s our Business Growth Group.

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